Nokia was a pulp manufacturer, Berkshire Hathaway was a textile mill, Tiffany's was a stationery company, DuPont made its start in gunpowder and John Deere began as a blacksmith.

Are you leading your company to a new Point B or just trying to make the numbers?

Large organizations in mature markets are good at building reliable workforces, resulting in workforces that are hesitant to change and focused on what is tangible.  What makes them reliable is also what makes them irrelevant.  

"Our research shows 75% of people in large organizations are unable to explain how value is created."

It's no wonder startups have such an advantage over larger organizations.  If you're leading a larger organization and you're unsatisfied with your growth, partner with us, our Value Practitioner programs will help you craft the future (and market share) your organization deserves.

We demonstrate it for you and with you, we don't just tell you what to do.