Andrew Kingery, Founder

Andrew Kingery, Founder

work experience

Over my career I've played many different roles on a wide variety of projects, which has been fascinating and fun and makes me well-rounded, but also makes me hard to pigeon-hole. This has included projects such as public debt offerings, installing financial planning systems, creating go-to-market strategy, designing sales and marketing strategy, organizational strategy and leadership development.

I began my career at a Big 4 accounting firm where I experienced both tax and audit roles in a variety of industry sectors.  Later I moved into private equity where I helped turnaround a category leading brand in the office supplies category.  On the East coast, I built organizational capability in shopper and customer marketing for a global skincare company.

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I was born in a small town in north west Ohio, lived in Columbus Ohio for most of my life where I also studied at The(!) Ohio State University.  I married my high school sweetheart, have four amazing daughters and live north of New York City in Westchester county.

I grew up fascinated with human emotion probably because I wasn't very good at it.  Emotional intelligence is one of the most important things that helped me be more valuable to others and lead.  Now I find rich fulfillment in helping people use it to become more valuable to their patients, customers and teams.

My favorite color is yellow and my Lumina Spark mandala can be seen in the image at the left.

My Myers-Briggs is ENTJ, if that is your thing.

I never stop learning.