Don’t throw away your 7th grade science skills

Ms. Skinner was my 7th grade science teacher. She spent a lot of time teaching us scientific method, which I keep finding more and more useful as an adult. Who was your 7th grade science teacher?

Walking into a conversation to test a hypothesis is much different than walking into it assuming my way is right.

But I’m finding it isn’t a popular approach. It’s more popular to assume you’re right and defend your position. (Be confident and assertive, we say.)

I’m mindful of words Daniel Kahneman wrote in Thinking, Fast and Slow, “his favorite game was jumping to conclusions and his favorite position was beside himself.”

So make your grade school science teacher proud. Even if you think you really do have it all figured out, leave room for testing and improving.

Other perspectives and data might make you better. And, most importantly, you’ll bring others along —making them more committed to the outcome.