Different, but not valuable

Phrases, like “I want to make an impact” or “difference”, share a common thread.

An intent to create value.

Oddly enough, humans have the ability to create things which are not valuable. Impacts that do not help people. Differences that are not beneficial.

Perhaps you can think of a few changes in your organization or life that did not create value. If you’ve raised teenagers you know this well. Or perhaps you’ve had a new leader who initiated changes that made things worse.

I’m not sure why we shy away from the word value. Perhaps it’s because it’s easier to focus on differences instead, or we got tired of the word preferring the more dramatic “impact” - which even sounds like what it is.

Some people were meant to create value for the world.

If this is you, are you being intentional and methodical doing it?

Or do you leave it to feelings and chance, making it up as you go?