Working in is different than working on

It is easier to work in your organization - than it is to work on it.

The daily flow of operations, the never ending to-do list, the frequent meetings, can be frenetic and crazy, but also expected and familiar. And in that sense a routine of comfort.

Organizations are like people, they need to learn and grow too. If it isn’t changing and improving how it works —it’s falling behind. Customer attitudes are adjusting and technology is changing —both driving shifts in categories and markets.

Not everyone likes to work on the organization, nor is it a task fit for anyone —it’s different. It’s less tangible…harder to see immediate results.

Working on the organization usually leads you to a path of change, making you face the daunting task of getting co-workers to unlearn the existing habits and adopt new ones.

Finally, success usually breeds resistance. Desire to work on the organization usually decreases as success working in the organization increases. But find an organization with long-term sustained success and you’ll find a dedication to working on the business.

If you’re not working on your organization, how can you expect working in to improve?