Unlock Greater Empathy

Everyone wants to create more value.  To be more valuable.  And that means a deep, genuine understanding of where the people are going and what stands in their way.

But so few realize how defensive they make others when they try to diagnose or ask questions to others.

Humans generally don't like to be told they are wrong or feel intimidated.  They want to avoid looking bad and feel like they have plenty of knowledge.

So before you try to create value, do others feel safe to share with you? 

How safe they feel begins before you start to talk.  It depends on how they've seen you treat others and to the degree they sense a lack of your criticism.

If you want to deeply, genuinely understand how people feel, model non-judgmental and un-defensive behavior everyday so they can trust you when it's time. 

Let them hear you say "I don't know."  

Let them see you talk to others about solutions and not the problems.

Let them hear you only say about others what you would in their presence.

Let them see you have the courage to model UN-defensive behavior.

Let them hear you simply say "Thank you" after receiving feedback.