When The Business Model is More Important Than Purpose

In large enterprise, the financial model and process often become more important than the purpose.

Close the month with sales growth of 2.1% not 1.7%...EBITDA must be 10% not 9.5%.

And process is powerful for consistency and reliability…but getting approvals is easy from 2 people, not 6 – whose schedules (and politics) are seemingly impenetrable.

So, the business model and process keep everyone happy, for a while.  Until suddenly, how did that small startup gain so much in our category so quickly?

We were diligently watching our KPIs.  We never said “that’s the way we’ve always done it.”  (But we did say “follow the process.”)

Except now, it’s time to talk about change and capturing more value. 

Do we have a methodology for this?  Can our people intentionally craft exchanges of value and make every interaction valuable - with customers or patients or internal colleagues?

Here is the good news.  There are discrete laws governing value creation, a methodology exists that are guaranteed to make you more valuable in every interaction with others.  We just haven’t been talking about them.

Who doesn't want to be more valuable?