Learn to Craft Better Value

The laws of motion and gravity are fairly well known.  Even if you don't understand them fully, you'd expect negative consequences if you disregard them while building your home.  You don't need to know every law about physics when building a home, but ignoring some can mean the difference between a well built home and no home at all.

This is one reason you hire an architect and general contractor if you want to build a great home.  They ensure your design respects the relevant laws of physics so you end up with a beautiful home.  They are skilled practitioners.

Just like there are laws of physics there are laws of value, which govern exchanges of value or how value is exchanged between two individuals.  Just like physics, ignoring the laws of value has consequences.  Disregard some and you'll never see your value exchange occur, while others may have only a slight effect on the value captured.

How often are you consciously applying the laws of value in what you do to capture more value? 

How much time do you and your teams spend understanding the laws of value and how to apply them more effectively?