The law of perception

It’s easy to fall into the trap that continuous improvement is all it takes to drive growth.

A new software system, a new manager training process, a new product extension. Changes that make big gains toward internal efficiency or effectiveness can heap accolades on its champions.

But will customers notice the change? And, just as important, will they see the change as being worth a change in behavior on their part?

In the process of value creation, the law of perception states that unless a customer perceives the change, it cannot be valued. What cannot be perceived, is not valued.

Take your top initiatives for the upcoming year. Or the next changes in your product line or service offering. Which of these will result in changes your customers perceive? What evidence do you have to support your conclusion?

If you want to drive growth, make sure your customers actually perceive the changes you’re making and believe it’s worth a behavior change themselves.