Rationalization Can't Be More Important Than Truth, Can It?

You're in a crowd.  Walking in the city.  It's a beautiful sunny day, perfect summer temps.  But you observe another person do something unexpectedly.  He shakes his head quickly.  Almost violently.

Immediately the mirror neurons in your brain attempt to mimic or simulate what you just saw.  And then something interesting happens.  You try to explain why it happened without asking him for feedback.  

Your brain tries multiple ways.  Maybe he was angry.  His head hurt?  He had a rough day?  Someone did something bad to him?  Your brain becomes creative building reasons that make sense of what you just observed.

When it comes to the world around us, the human brain is satisfied with a one-sided explanation.  The goal is to make sense of the world to yourself.  Getting feedback and understanding what really happened from the source (truth) is a secondary motivation, if a motivation at all.

Humans are content with the superficial.  The path of least resistance...that which seems logical to itself.  The truth isn't necessary.  If it were, we would go for empathy and stop and ask what was wrong.