How Retailers Can Make a Come-Back

It's no secret traditional retailers are experiencing a tremendous amount of change.  The rise of ecommerce and store closings are common occurrences in our news feeds.   

So how can retailers make a come-back?  

We think one big answer lies in the science of emotion.  If shoppers truly enjoy interacting with the people in the store they will avoid it less.  I'm guessing at least one of you has had an associate try to talk to your back without engaging properly first.  Who is he even talking to?

So how do you make shoppers avoid the store less?  Continue investing in your workforce.  Employee engagement is good, but so is emotional intelligence.  Drs. Bradberry and Greaves attribute 58% of performance in nearly any job to emotional intelligence.  Why not use emotional intelligence to deliver a more valuable shopper experience?  

How much more value would your organization create if store associates handled shoppers with higher empathy?  

How much costs would be avoided if associates were aware of their own emotional portrait and encouraged to use it in managing shopper relationships?