Currency for the Ultimate Experience

80% of the market valuation of S&P 500 companies is now derived from intangible assets.  In 1975, this number stood at less than 20%. (Source OceanTomo) If there is one thing that has changed in the past few decades, it's the importance of a firm's intangibles. (And of course, we're hopefully getting smarter about valuation.)

We see evidence of this shift to intangibles through experience design...patient experience, employee experience, customer experience, leadership experience.  Who isn't trying to design an experience today?  If you aren't focused on building experiences today, you are likely falling behind in your industry sector. 

I believe the currency for valuable experiences is emotional intelligence.  To the degree we deeply understand the emotion of those interacting in the experience, is to the degree we can design it to be most valuable.  Humans are, after all, not always rational, emotion is a powerful variable you can leverage to advantage.  And the emotional mind is different than the rational mind.

How are you incorporating emotional intelligence into your experience design?