Simple, but not Easy

In a recent visit to a local ophthalmologist, the attending technician leaned her head into my exam room and said "not too much longer, you're next on the list."  Such a simple statement, it only took her about 6 seconds, but she made it happen at the right time, at the right place.

Her comment happened before I was developing feelings of impatience.  As a result, I felt cared for, like I wasn't forgotten.  She created an experience of value and she wasn't even the attending MD.

Simple but not easy.  Why?  For this to happen she had to maintain constant awareness of when and where the patients were in the queue.  Then she made a choice.  She choose to care -- emotionally.

High emotional intelligence among anyone touching a patient or customer is critical to the overall experience.  Simple, but not easy.  You just have to care about it.

What are you doing to develop the EQ of your teams facing patients or customers?