The Pain of Staying the Same

Change is hard.  Generally speaking, most people don't change unless the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of the change.  

This is simple to see in healthcare.  A patient who refuses to adopt a healthier lifestyle until her primary care physician diagnoses her as diabetic.  Finally, she begins a lifestyle of healthier choices and exercise.

Organizations are not immune to this either.  Many organizations that say they want change, but those that fail to meet short term financial goals are likely to be more committed to change than those that meet their short term goals.  

Yet a few are different.  Some people and organizations, commit to change before the pain is felt.  They are a step ahead.  They anticipate the pain and avoid it.  We call them leaders or disrupters.

Leaders create the future before it is necessary.  How do they do this?  They anticipate the change, believe in the change, and act on the change.  All before others require it.

How are you choosing to stay a step ahead and change before it is required?