Hurricanes and Robots

The amount of work to be done in high performing organizations is enormous.  After all, successful organizations know visions must be big.  Has any team ever become great by embracing a small vision?

Big visions result in much opportunity, and much to do.  Teams are bombarded with "things to do" and often the task list becomes the master.  So much going on... why does Friday feel like Monday?  People can feel it's hard to lift their head above the clouds of the hurricane.  

Yet some thrive in the hurricane.  They are often those who enjoy starting something new, thinking creatively and wearing many hats.  Comfortable with change.  Now the challenge is driving priorities to completion.  

The solution applied to hurricane, is process.  Lots of it.  If you don't have to recreate the wheel every time you make one, speed increases.  But then something interesting happens.  When process is more important than achievement the people feel like robots, thinking differently has less value.  

In mature markets with mature categories where little disruptive innovation occurs, or regulation is high, it's easier to hire people who will comply with process.  This makes it hard to find innovative thinkers among the ranks.  But if you want different results, you must have different behavior, which requires different thinking.

So how are you enabling your people to think differently?