Everyone Wants to Be Valuable, but Not Everyone Is

When asked, almost everyone says they want to be valuable.  But not everyone is.  

Our research shows nearly +75% of people in large enterprise lack a complete understanding of the fundamentals governing the process of capturing value and are not confident in explaining them, let alone use them consistently.  

How did we get here?  In mature markets the business model often becomes more important than the purpose.  It can be most important to hit an EBITDA number or a patient volume number than it is to achieve the organization's mission.  And that mindset diffuses into behavior.  This results in compliance oriented behavior and cost minimization.  Plus cost is tangible and therefore easier to understand and manage.  Therefore easier to focus on.

We've also invested heavily into technology and data in the past several decades.  We know have more know-how than we can manage.  Therefore it is important to follow what we know.  Again, fostering a compliance oriented mindset.  

The good news is you can learn the laws and truths that govern Capturing Value.  When you become a Value Practitioner you become more valuable to your colleagues, leaders, customers and friends.  It also happens to be more rewarding.